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Recruit Guide

"TFE recruits employees when needed throughout the year."



• The requirements such as academic degree & major and job career differ depending on the type of job wanted. The common qualifications are as follows:
• A holder of (or slated to earn) bachelor’s degree (or higher) in the related field
• No reasons for being disqualified from overseas travel; for men, completed or exempted from military service
• Fluent in English or any other foreign languages are preferred.
• Recipient of veterans benefits (Advantage is given in case the certificate is submitted according to the related laws)

Submit Application

• An application is submitted through the Internet only. Any submission using other means such as postal mail, email and in-person submission will not be accepted.


• An annual salary system is applied.

Documents required

• After the application form is submitted, the required documents are accepted according to the recruit procedures. Once successfully employed, the common documents required are as follows:
• 2 photos in half business-card size
• Certificate of Graduation (or To be Graduated) from Last School Attended
• Academic transcripts showing all undergraduate and graduate works (including the transcript of the undergraduate work at the old school if transferred)
• Official certificate of foreign language proficiency (no later than 2 years from the issue date)
• Career certification (if applicable)
• Certificate of Recipient of Veterans Benefits (Advantage is given in case the certificate is submitted according to the related laws)
• Copy of license (if applicable)


• For more information about Recruit, visit our website or contact us by email.
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