Come and experience the total solution of TFE.


Features and benefits

  Supports the fabrication of change kit, socket and board for clients’ diverse facilities in Korea and abroad
  Able to design products in diverse parallels of Handlers
  Provides a test solution (item) which keeps maximizing handler efficiency and improving yield
  Provides a solution (item) which maximizes test efficiency and improves yield
  Fast design and processing of new products
  Able to support total solution according to the integrated fabrication/development of change kit, test socket and load board
  ESD protect
  Applies the design which improves alignment for fine pitch (0.5P 0.4P, 0.3P, 0.2P) items
  Increases test prime yield
  Reduces DVC loss rates by preventing package loss

Line-up Parts for Change Kit

  SoC Handler 용 Change Kit
  Parallels : Single/Dual, 4/8/16/32/64
  Docking plate Assembly(Socket Adapter Plate)
  Input / Output shuttle
  Work-Press Assembly With Blade TIP
  Hot Plate , Load/Unloader Buffer Plate, etc.