TFE is opening and shaping the future of semiconductor.

Message from the CEO

TFE is opening and shaping the future of semiconductor.

We are committed to providing the finest quality with great responsibility as a key player in the nation’s semiconductor industry.

TFE was established in 2003 as the manufacturer of semiconductor IC testing equipment. As a global enterprise opening a positive and progressive future, we take creative and innovative management and realization of human values as our top priority. Based on long investments and advanced manpower, we have prepared total solution in semiconductor IC testing through continued R&Ds. With advanced technology, we have accomplished fast growth.

We have also worked hard to impress our clients with thorough and stable production management and quality control by obtaining international quality management system (ISO9001) and international environmental management system (ISO14001) certifications.

Based on these accumulated R&D competence and technology, we have provided total solution in semiconductor IT testing (test handler, COK, test board, test socket). Furthermore, we have accelerated our mission to build a global distribution network which covers advanced and other major markets around the world. We have also strengthened a strategic partnership with leading semiconductor manufacturers and semiconductor testing firms to play a leading role in global semiconductor testing component market.

We create corporate values through integrity management and talent management and achieve client impression through creative innovation. All our employees would keep working hard to become professionals in semiconductor IC testing components and lead global standardization, elevating the reputation of Korean semiconductor industry. In addition, we dutifully fulfill our corporate social responsibility as an enterprise which grows together with ‘people, environment and local community’.

Our endless challenge to become the world’s No. 1 would continue. We are going to build corporate environments for sustainable growth together with all our clients. We expect continued interest and support from you.

Thank you.